TRANSFORMATIVE TOTEMS 2020 workshop (postponed due to Corona) will reschedule asap

totems flyer2Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting our Transformative Totems 2020 workshop, coming up next month.  Once again we will open our art studio and magical property, welcoming a group for a unique creative hands-on experience. 🙂

In this workshop, we will play with creating personal “totems.” These sculptural art pieces will act as sacred containers that you’ll imbue with the new energy you would like to call in in the coming years.

Saturday will begin with a grounding meditation in the yurt, allowing space for you to connect with your inner being. We will segue into the studio to commence with our transformative totems, fabricated from a wood base, layers of plaster, wire, paint, fabric, recycled objects, and some special knick-knacks I’ve collected.  We will play with form, texture, color, assemblage and let our creativity guide us.

Susan will offer demonstrations, support and gentle critique to help you connect to your creative muse. In the spirit of ceremonial totems, we will have time to ritualistically view each person’s totem at the end of the week-end.  A delicious, nourishing lunch will be served Saturday as well as healthy snacks and tea on Sunday.

All experience levels are welcome! $230 includes all materials, instruction, and a delicious, healthy lunch. 😉

March 21 // 9:30-3:30
March 22 // 9:30-12:30
916 847-6165


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